Most Expensive Baby Strollers

There are two main varieties of baby transport—the stroller and the baby carriage. Baby carriages, or prams, have the baby lying down while facing the pusher. Strollers, on the other hand, keep the baby seated and facing away from the pusher. With that in mind, we present the top examples of either method of baby transport.

World's Most Expensive Stroller

The stroller that may just be the most expensive stroller in the world is Kid Kustoms’ “The Roddler.” Its sleek design makes it look more like a classic car than a conveyance for your little one, thanks to a fender design based on 50s Buicks, Oldsmobiles and the like. The stainless chassis is inspired by aircraft designs and the custom seat and top can be made of ostrich, stringray, alligator, cow hide or alcantra. It even includes an iPod dock and DVD player. It can be customized with a variety of different colors as well as logos, your baby’s name, etc. and the price for a custom starts at $3500.

World's Most Expensive Baby Carriage

The most expensive baby carriage in the world is likely the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram. Silver Cross has been handcrafting traditional baby carriages in Northern England for over 100 years and the Balmoral Pram features three coats of lacquer for a perfect shine and quality English leather. Each one is unique and individually numbered. Priced at $2,900, you’re not likely to find a more expensive carriage on the market.



The Irish Government Seized The Most Expensive House In England After Its Owner Defaulted On $80 Million Mortgage

Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency just seized the most expensive home on the UK real estate market after its owners were unable to make good on an $80 million mortgage, according to The Daily Mail.

The mega-mansion, named Updown Court, is located just 25 miles outside of London and was recently listed for $123 million.

Owner Leslie Allen-Vercoe put the house on the market six years ago but has been unable to find a buyer, according to The Daily Mail. When contacted by reporters, Allen-Vercoe said he had no knowledge of the bank’s plans to put the estate into receivership.

The mortgage was reportedly provided by Irish Nationwide, which transferred many of its loans to the Irish government after it collapsed during the financial crisis.

Set on 58 acres of land, with 50,000 square feet of space, Updown Court is larger in size than both Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court Palace.

The behemoth home has five swimming pools, a $6 million marble heated driveway, a squash court, home theater, bowling alley, panic room, and much more.

Most Expensive Restaurant in Chicago

The Alinea Restaurant Chicago is one of the Windy City’s premier dining experiences. Only opened in 2005, this restaurant has already won numerous awards including being named in Gayot’s “Top 40 Restaurants in the United States” only three years after opening.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated and furnished in a style that brings to mind modern art. The entire setup of the restaurant is geared toward bringing the focus of the guest to the food and nothing else. The tables are oversized and are spaced far apart from one another. There are no tablecloths and all of the dishes are undersized. Waiters are dressed in solemn, formal suits.

The Alinea Restaurant is known for its unique takes on classic foods. The head chef and owner of the restaurant, Grant Achatz, constantly thinks of new methods and presentations of his unique and unorthodox dishes. Some of the more famous takes on traditional dishes include the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (made of a peeled grape surrounded by peanut butter and a thin brioche) or the chocolate desert (during which Achatz himself comes out of the kitchen and mixes coconut, menthol and hyssop into chocolate on a cloth in front of the guest).

The Alinea Restaurant Chicago has been heralded as the best restaurant in the United States, a sensation of taste unparalleled anywhere other than parts of Europe. It is not for the faint of heart. Guests do not receive a traditional meal but rather an experience in culinary delights.

Guests do not order a meal but rather decide if they want to partake from the “tasting menu” or the “tour menu.” The tasting menu at the Alinea Restaurant is $150 and the tour menu is $225. There are other options, however, the most expensive of which is $1,000.

The Alinea Restaurant is not a “good meal” but rather a dining experience that cannot be replaced. It is pricy, but it is also the premier restaurant in the United States. It is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area. It is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday only, though the offices are open Monday through Friday.

The Alinea Restaurant is the premier dining experience available not only within the city of Chicago but within the United States as well. Though it is pricy, this is not an experience to be missed.



World’s Most Expensive Jeans

The popular worker’s denim trousers have become modern day fashion and status symbols. Designer jeans come in and out of popularity but in the early 2000s, expensive jeans started coming back into fashion with brands such as APO Jeans, Chip and Pepper, Paper Denim & Cloth, Seven for All Mankind, True Religion and many other brands costing $200 or more per pair.

The Guinness Book of Records listed a pair of Gucci Genius jeans featuring elaborate feathers, beads, rips and buttons as most expensive jeans off-the-rack at a cost of $3,134 and Forbes once showcased Escada’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted jeans that sold for US $10,000.

Levi Strauss Company bid $46,532 to buy a pair of their own brand of denim pants back on the popular auction site eBay. However, the most expensive old jeans were an average pair of 501 jeans manufactured in the 1880s and purchased by a Japanese collector in 2005 for $60,000.

World's Most Expensive Jeans - Trashed Denim
Trashed Denim

None of those prices, however, can even hold a candle to that commanded by Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim line of luxury jeans. These men’s jeans are handmade using a special process where they are washed thirteen times, with dying and painting performed between each washing to add depth to the jeans. That’s not all, though, as each pair of Trashed Denim jeans is adorned with sixteen 1-carat rubies, twenty-six .05-carat rubies, eight .05-carat diamonds and 1080 grams of 18k white or rose gold.

So how much are the most expensive jeans in the world? Try a quarter-million dollars. That’s right; Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim jeans are priced at $250,000. They can be purchased at the Dussault store in Los Angeles or Kustom in New York City.

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces

An expensive diamond necklace is more than a simple accessory. It’s a statement of opulence that will set members of your family apart for generations. Check out some of the world’s most expensive diamond necklaces.

World's most expensive diamond necklace - H. Stern's Venus Necklace

H. Stern’s Venus Necklace – $3.17 million

This 110-carat diamond necklace features a number of cushion, square and pear-cut diamonds set in 18k noble gold. Even the clasp is exquisite, featuring a 14-point diamond star. This is truly a piece that looks just as good from behind as it does from the front.

World's most expensive diamond necklace - The De Beers' Marie Antionette Necklace

The De Beers’ Marie-Antionette Necklace – $3.7 million

From the De Beers High-Jewellery collection, this luxurious necklace features over 181 carats of mixed cut diamonds. Beneath the deep pink diamond (1.84 carats) on the first string are two yellow diamonds (5.24 and 7.06) along the second and third strings. The 8.05 carat pear-shaped white diamond hanging from the fourth string, though, is the showstopper on this beautiful piece of jewelry.

World's most expensive diamond necklace - Neil Lane's Diamond Necklace

Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace – $4 million

The 140 carats of diamonds featured on this valuable necklace feature three different cuts—pear, cushion and teardrop. The diamonds are set in platinum along the six strings that make up this necklace.

World's most expensive diamond necklace - Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby – $14 million

The most expensive necklace in the world features a 40.63-carat, heart-shaped Burmese ruby surrounded by 155 carats of diamonds. Burmese ruby is one of the most sought after varieties of ruby due to its blood-red hue. This gem is particularly valuable due to its extraordinary size—Burmese rubies rarely exceed a few carats!

The most expensive necklace can also be worn as a tiara.



The most Expensive Razor

The world’s most expensive razor has gone on sale for $100,000 (£62,460) – boasting two blades made out of sapphire.

Researchers spent three years developing the Zafirro Iridium, which has a handle made of 99.9 per cent pure iridium – the most corrosion-resistant platinum metal, found only in meteorites.

The two blades are made from white sapphire grown at a former Soviet Union lab in Ukraine.

Close shave: The two blades are made from white sapphire grown at a former Soviet Union lab in UkraineClose shave: The two blades are made from white sapphire grown at a former Soviet Union lab in Ukraine

They are just 80 atoms thick on their cutting edge – around 1/10,000th or 5,000 times thinner the width of a hair and far sharper than any of common blades on the market.

Just 99 Zafirro Iridiums will be made by American manufacturer Bright Light Ventures.


The company claims the sapphire blades will stay sharp for about a year and offer complimentary cleaning and re-sharpening for an entire decade.

A spokesman said: ‘Each Zafirro Iridium is custom made from the strongest, purest, and most durable materials available anywhere.

Expensive price tag: The Zafirro Iridium is being sold for $100,000 and only 99 of them will be made by the American manufacturerExpensive price tag: The Zafirro Iridium is being sold for $100,000 and only 99 of them will be made by the American manufacturer

‘Every component is designed to last for generations.’

The company claims it has used experience gained in fields such as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology and particle physics to have created the new blade.

Each will be engraved with a serial number and monogrammed to the individual client’s specifications.

The inflated price tag is due to rare and expensive materials used for the handle and screws, all made of platinum.

Shaving technology: The blades are housed in a medical-grade stainless steel cartridge with the cartridge is held in place by 16 neodymium magnetsShaving technology: The blades are housed in a medical-grade stainless steel cartridge with the cartridge is held in place by 16 neodymium magnets

Iridium, usually used in space rockets, is ten times rarer than platinum and highly resistant to heat so theoretically it can be dropped it into lava, and it will not melt.

The blades are housed in a medical-grade stainless steel cartridge with the cartridge is held in place by 16 neodymium magnets.

Bright Light Founder Hayden Hamilton also plans to introduce an entry-level model that costs about the same as a compact car.


Most Expensive Stereo System


As one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows, the IFA show in Berlin has certainly been host to some startlingly expensive electronic marvels. IFA 2007, which opened its doors on the last day of August, was no disappointment. Among the 1,212 exhibitors present at this year’s show was the aptly-named Audio magazine, there to show off the world’s most expensive stereo system.

Clearaudio Statement Turntable
This expensive stereo system includes JBL speakers that cost nearly $70,000 per pair, four 18-inch Velodyne subwoofers ($52,000), five Krell power amplifiers ($163,000) and a Mark Levinson pre-amplifier ($54,500). Then, of course, there’s the eye catching Clearaudio Statement Turntable, which adds another $137,000 to the overall cost of Audio’s expensive system.
The world’s most expensive stereo system isn’t for audiophiles alone, though. It also includes Pioneer’s BDP-LX 70 blu ray player and Toshiba’s HD-EXI for HD-DVD’s. SIM2’s HAT-500 projector ($68,000) provides video output, making this system as desirable for home cinema buffs as it is for audiophiles.
Unfortunately, the listening room at IFA 2007 wasn’t quite up to the challenge provided by Audio’s expensive system. Background noise made the improvement in sound quality nearly imperceptible

Most Expensive Bag

  • Millions After Millions
From what I remember, the last most expensive bag was a bag with platinum and diamonds which costed somewhere a little over US$1 Million, well, here comes a new champion.

The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. Designed by Robert Mouawad and executed by 10 artisans.

It took the artisans 8,800 long hours to handcraft this 18k gold purse and also to encrust it with 4,356 colourless diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 56 pink diamonds.

This masterpiece values at a staggering US$3.8 Million. Wonderful. If only the middle heart-shaped diamond was a huge one. Then that, will make my eyes pop.

Most Expensive Airline ticket

In September 2007 Australian Julian Hayward dished out $100,380.00 USD for a seat aboard Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 for a flight from Singapore to Sydney.

Normally the seat would sell for a measly $3,391.00 but Julian Hayward out bid all bidders on eBay with his $100,380.00 to purchase the world’s first ticket and become the world’s first commercial passenger aboard the A380.

He does get a couple extra perks for the extra $96,989.00 he dished out such as a special dinner and a trip to France to see the airline take delivery A380, he can also sleep well at night knowing his “donation” will go to a variety of charities.




Only a few hour before bombs fell on Iraq Saddam Hussein ordered his son to take $1 billion from the Iraqi Central Bank.

In all about $900 million in US currency and €100 million was take.

Somehow we don’t quite classify that as a true bank robbery so we present you with another.

Q: What do you get when you spend three month tunneling?
A: 164.8 million Reals, the equivalent if $71.6 million USD.

A gang of 10 to 20 thieves tunneled from a house, under the streets and into the Central Bank in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil.

Sometime between August 06 and August 08 2005 they made it into the bank and got away with the loot and into the history books for the world’s most expensive bank robbery.