Most Expensive Restaurant in Chicago

The Alinea Restaurant Chicago is one of the Windy City’s premier dining experiences. Only opened in 2005, this restaurant has already won numerous awards including being named in Gayot’s “Top 40 Restaurants in the United States” only three years after opening.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated and furnished in a style that brings to mind modern art. The entire setup of the restaurant is geared toward bringing the focus of the guest to the food and nothing else. The tables are oversized and are spaced far apart from one another. There are no tablecloths and all of the dishes are undersized. Waiters are dressed in solemn, formal suits.

The Alinea Restaurant is known for its unique takes on classic foods. The head chef and owner of the restaurant, Grant Achatz, constantly thinks of new methods and presentations of his unique and unorthodox dishes. Some of the more famous takes on traditional dishes include the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (made of a peeled grape surrounded by peanut butter and a thin brioche) or the chocolate desert (during which Achatz himself comes out of the kitchen and mixes coconut, menthol and hyssop into chocolate on a cloth in front of the guest).

The Alinea Restaurant Chicago has been heralded as the best restaurant in the United States, a sensation of taste unparalleled anywhere other than parts of Europe. It is not for the faint of heart. Guests do not receive a traditional meal but rather an experience in culinary delights.

Guests do not order a meal but rather decide if they want to partake from the “tasting menu” or the “tour menu.” The tasting menu at the Alinea Restaurant is $150 and the tour menu is $225. There are other options, however, the most expensive of which is $1,000.

The Alinea Restaurant is not a “good meal” but rather a dining experience that cannot be replaced. It is pricy, but it is also the premier restaurant in the United States. It is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area. It is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday only, though the offices are open Monday through Friday.

The Alinea Restaurant is the premier dining experience available not only within the city of Chicago but within the United States as well. Though it is pricy, this is not an experience to be missed.