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The pursuit of perfection and exquisite quality of watch technology is the concept of Hermes, with the introduction of a variety of top-watch, which was Hermes emerged profound for mechanical watches to accomplish their goals, in order to allow the public to a deeper mechanical watches Hermes understanding of Hermes in particular in the January 4 to 15, in Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi New World A11 1F, held traveling exhibition organized mechanical watches Hermes, Welcome to appreciate.

Hermes Dressage calendar watch
18K rose gold, white gold / Cal. H1930 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, retrograde date, month, calendar function displays / week sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 50 meters Reference Price: NT $ rose gold 1,204,000, platinum models Call

Watch the new Dressage Calendar
Dressage launched at the end of 2007 calendar, equipped with Cal. H1930 movement is new for Vaucher, month, weeks and the pattern of retrograde date and calendar movement PARMIGIANI 332,333 series like; Cal. H1930 has 329 parts, plywood decorated with the brand on the course, “H” word, while the double barrel, 55 hour power specifications all and the most basic Cal. H1928 similar. The design of the dial Dressage Series utilize the vocabulary of a circle; 3 o’clock the week of the month and 9 o’clock shows consolidation ring exposed to the face plate side of the red dot indicates the reverse scale is based on the date jump almost encircle the fan across the month and week long show, which rolled the black side of the date of graduation is that the painted dragon editor dotting the details, so that both have the stereo face plate and flat taste. Dressage series of other features are also still in use, such as imitation of old-fashioned telephone dial the time scale, the stirrup shape lugs, etc., the human regeneration Dressage Classic temperament.

Hermes Cape Cod Moonphase (left)
18K rose gold material / H 1929 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, retrograde date display, blue moon phase display gem crystal mirror, transparent, waterproof 30 meters bottom / reference price: please contact agent
Hermes Cape Cod 8 Days (right)
18K white gold / H 8929 hand-winding movement / jumping hours, minutes, small seconds display / 8-day power reserve display / sapphire rock crystal mirror, transparent, waterproof 50 meters / bottom reference price: NT $ 1,027,500

Develop the classical features of Hermes Cape Cod series
Hermes started production from the first watch began, as early as can be expected that future development will be of great, not Hermes contend with other brands, focusing on the direction of texture is also intriguing part in the movement Which match will watch factory cooperation, and finally bought in 2006, Vaucher Fleurier watch factory official of the shares in October announced the news, then Cape Cod launched in December jump watch chain, the two brand-name hand-oriented co-operation together with good quality efficiency is high, the concept of ship-based Cape Cod Series, captured Hermes Chîane d’ancre hand anchor bracelet designed, the designer Henri d’Origny my power for eight days when the new store and try to jump quite full Italy, and Vaucher Fleurier H8929 built for Hermes hand winding movement, has a double barrel, but also H fonts full of ornamentation, delicate by the students, however, and then launched in 2007, Cape Cod Moonphase, then take containing H 1929 self-winding movement, the same double barrel, side plate against the upper part of the jump date display, at eight o’clock with the four o’clock position, the scope of its 225 degree sector to watch the dynamic beauty of elegant, was accurate on the bottom phase showed that the general accuracy of the moon phase watch 40 times, a special case in the appearance of Cape Cod, the lines show simple and neat.

Hermes Clipper Classic diving chronograph
Stainless steel / Valjoux 7750 automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display chronograph function / certified by the COSC Observatory / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 200 meters reference price: NT $ 177,900

To meet the needs of water sports
Hermes watches has always had a strong texture, which not only the style and pragmatic style Clipper family is rich, 2011 launched in diving chronograph sports enthusiasts look to win again, to provide consumers with more choice of texture, the same samples are available one-way rotating bezel rotation, but Clipper is like diving chronograph porthole-like shape, and the bezel scale digital scale and font settings are full of elegant features, coupled with H-shaped link chain belt, also reflects the product brand spirit, while the focus of this facelift is equipped with Valjoux 7750 automatic winding movement, especially by the COSC days observatory certified blessing for the accuracy of watches to provide better protection. Part of the face plate facelift is another focus of unlike the previous generation of divers equipped with quartz chronograph movement, to the dazzling packaging, calm both black and white style on the face plate, has a more refined planning to color emphasis on small seconds at the outer scale and timing plate, second scale circle also scale down to a quarter of a second, and more speed added a circle scale, increase the degree of practical watches. In addition needle used for diving, including the lock-in case back, crown and by the other design, the watch is water resistant to 200 meters, be rotating bezel with luminous pointer and can meet the needs of water sports are also in line with those on the appearance of the pursuit of taste.

The facelift is equipped with a focus on self-winding movement Valjoux 7750, and its durable long to mention, in particular, is certified by the COSC blessing to watch more accurate travel time.

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