Most Expensive Yacht

Most Expensive Yacht
Price: $1.2 billion

This 560-foot-long yacht has two helipads, 11 guest cabins, two swimming pools, three launch boats, an aquarium, and a minisubmarine that can dive to 50 meters below the ocean surface, according to London’s Daily Mail. The master bedroom and bridge have bulletproof glass, and the security system includes missile detection systems that warn of incoming rockets. The owner Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire who also owns Britain’s Chelsea Football Club, reportedly fitted the yacht with a laser system that prevents paparazzi from taking photos. It was built by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany



10 Of The Most Expensive Yachts Chartered By Celebrities

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Superyacht owners have been known to make the world a playground for their luxury boats, but now they are available on charter. This list provides an insight into these superyachts and their specialties, which make them unique for numerous reasons:


1. Seven Seas

Charter Price: $ 1.30 million per week


Steven Spielberg's Megayacht seven seas

Steven Spielberg’s Megayacht seven seasSteven Spielberg is offering his new $200 million megayacht as the world’s most expensive yacht charter at an eye-popping rate of $1.3 million per week

Hollywood motion picture director, Stephen Spielberg is the proud owner of this $200 million megayacht, but he has already put this recently acquired asset for hire, for a price tag of $1.3 million a week. The yacht, meant for the most demanding in luxury, is 282 ft in length and can accommodate a total of 12 guests and 26 crew members at any given time. The yacht also offers exclusivity in form on an owner’s deck with a separate master bedroom, study area, and a Jacuzzi for relaxation. Other touches of splendor include the fully equipped gymnasium, Spa, and indoor cinema beside the 15 ft swimming pool and all the walls of the accommodation area being covered with rare rosewood, teak, and walnut.

2. Alfa Nero

Charter Price: $ 1.20 million per week


Alfa Nero Yacht

Alfa Nero YachtThe motor yacht ALFA NERO is an 82 m 269 (foot) imposing steel luxury yacht which was developed by Oceanco Yachts (Alblasserdam Yachtbuilding) and designed by Oceanco and Nuvolari – Lenard

Designed by Luvonari Lenard & Oceanaco, this 270 ft floating luxury boasts of several splendors including a total living space of 4000 sqft that can house a total of 23 staff members and 12 guests. Other luxuries on offer are the leather stepped staircase, glass enclosed elevator, beauty salon, gymnasium, and also a private theatre lounge, for complete relaxation. At the centre of the yacht is the 23 ft long swimming pool, which can be converted into a functional dance floor, in case the passengers decide to groove to some music or even a helipad if thereare passengers landing from air. Also, if the guests decide to retire to somewhere more private, the exclusive master-bedroom with its balcony awaits them. The yacht has a maximum speed of 20 knots with a cruise speed of 18.5 knots, over a distance of 5500 nautical miles and can also generate a total power of 9360 HP.

3. Amevi

Charter Price: $ 1 million per week


Lakshmi Mittal’s Amevi

Lakshmi Mittal’s AmeviAmevi, the luxury yacht designed by Oceano, for one of the foremost billionaires and world’s sixth richest man, Lakshmi Mittal, is now reportedly available on rent with a rental tag of a whopping $1 million a week.



The steel baron Lakshmi Mittal is the owner of this luxury yacht, which is known as one of the most comforting vessels on water. It has the distinction of having on board celebrities like Jennifer Lopez in 2010, when Laxmi Mittal hosted a dinner for her after the Cannes Film estival. To charter this noted vessel, one would have to shell out $1 million a week, excluding food and other amenities. Setting this vessel in its niche category is the state-of-the-art Rolls Royce retractable stabilizer, which is the primary reason for comfort of the luxury boat. Apartfrom this, the yacht also has an indoor cinema, swimming pool, gymnasium, massage room and a hair dressing salon. It can also house a total of 16 guests and 22 staff members in full capacity.

4. Moonlight II

Charter Price: $ 900,000 per week


Moonlight II (ex Alysia) Yacht

Moonlight II (ex Alysia) YachtAt 85.3 meters (280ft), Alysia is one of the world’s largest yachts for charter.



This super yacht remains one of the largest available yachts on hire. With a total length of 280 ft, the boat can accommodate 32 guests and 36 members of the staff, at any given time. The overall space available to the guests is 25833 sqft, which includes a 1313 sq ft bedroom with 180 panoramic windows and a 42 inch plasma television. Taking care of the gastronomical needs of the guests, the chef on board has expertise to prepare cuisines like French, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai or even Greek, and dishes of both vegetarian and nonvegetarian varieties. To further relax one self, there is the exclusive Jacuzzi, male and female dressing rooms, and a private study room where one can read the literature of his or her choice.

Talking of the ships technical specifications, this luxury boat has a top speed of 18 knots, and a cruise speed of 16 knots with a range of 7000 nautical miles.

5. Alexander

Charter Price: $899,120 per week


Alexander Yacht

Alexander YachtLuxury Motor Yacht ALEXANDER truly is a megayacht unlike many others in her class.



This luxury boat exudes elegance and luxury in every step of formation. Originally built in 1965 by Lubeker Fender Werke, this massive 400 ft yacht can accommodate up to 80 guests and 60 crew members on board. The amenities available on board include a gymnasium, music room, children’s playroom, private Jacuzzi, and a spacious reception. Should the guests opt for a swim, a swimming pool is at their disposal as well. For the ones with an interest in cinema, a 27 seater cinema hall is on offer, where one can see a whole menu of movies.

Speaking of the technical specifications, the yacht can cruise at a speed of around 16 knots, with the maximum speed being slightly higher.

6. Soulmate (with iPad concierge)

Charter Price: $ 600,000 per week


Solemates Superyacht Charter with iPad Concierge

Solemates Superyacht Charter with iPad ConciergeSolemates, the 197-ft. craft designed by Monaco’s famed Espen Oeino and launched by Germany’s Lürssen earlier this year, boasts a top speed of 15.5 knots with a range of 7,000 nautical miles

This luxury yacht was conceived by famous Moroccan designer Espin Oieno and its interiors were done by Glade Johnson. What sets this yacht apart from the others is the integrated use of technology, to control the entertainment systems on board. When one sets foot on the luxury boat, the captain hands over an iPad, so that during the travel one can control and indulge in entertainment of choice. Structured with multiple decks, natural lighting can be enjoyed aplenty, along with ample spaces of dining and conferences.

Regarding the technicalities, this yacht boasts of a range of 7000 nautical miles and a top speed of 15 knots.

7. Maltese Falcon

Charter Price: $ 554,825 per week


Maltese Falcon

Maltese FalconLuxury sailing yacht ‘Maltese Falcon’ is massive 88 meter mega yacht built by the Italian Perini Navi Yachts



This 288 ft luxury boat was designed by the famed Ken Feivok and built by the famousItalian Perini Navy Yachts. Once distinguished as the largest sailing privateyacht in the world, this yacht can house 12 guests and six staff members onboard, giving each one the experience of exclusive entertainment and luxury.There are two decks, with the upper deck being the location for the VIP Room witha queen berth and the lower having a master bedroom with a king berth,dressing room, and a private gymnasium. The four guest rooms can be convertedinto two gigantic VIP rooms with the help of their respective heads. All thecabins have been fitted with a queen or king berth. Other amenities include theB&O sound system, a 50 inch television set in the main VIP room which wouldreceive signals through the satellite dish.

Technically speaking, the top speed of this yacht stands at 19.6 knots, with cruise speed of 15 knots.

8. Maraya

Charter Price: $ 476,739 per week


MARAYA motor Yacht

MARAYA motor YachtIt is a 54.20 meter (177′ 9″) luxury motor yacht which was built by CRN YACHTS Ancona of Italy in 2008.



This luxury stands as an epitome of style and luxury and has been the host to famous starslike rapper P. Diddy for his Cannes Film Festival appearance in 2008. This 178 ft wonder has been designed on a minimal modernistic theme, by famous designer Claude Misser.

For its exclusive amenities, a total of 12 guests can be accommodated in its state rooms, but dining and parties could be for a larger congregation of 150 guests, with additional space for members of staff and even extra dining tables if required. The master cabin located on the main deck has a bedroom with an emperor sized bed, and its VIP cabin located on the upper deck, and the rest of the rooms on the lower one. Technically speaking, this yacht can travel at a maximum speed of 16.5 knots with the cruise speed of 14 knots.

9. Galaxy

Charter Price: $ 374,311 per week


Galaxy Yacht

Galaxy YachtGalaxy is the debut product of Benetti’s new Italian yard, Livorno, and she has been superbly designed inside and out by Stefano Natucci.



Built in 2005, this luxury yacht was a product of the Italian yard Livorno and designed on the inside and outside by the noted Stefano Natucci. The purpose and aim to create this magnificent piece of luxury, was to take its owners on a cruise on Mediterranean and Caribbean waterways, which are known to be the ultimate zones for cruising and recreational water travel. This boat shot to fame when it hosted a cruise for famous stars Jay-Z and Beyonce in 2005.

It is Capable to accommodate 12 guests and 13 crew members in its charter rooms in six cabins,majority of the luxurious interiors are done up with exotic wood work from rarevarieties of wood such as oak, maple burl, and eucalyptus. Other premiumamenities include a functional elevator between the multiple floors, private Jacuzzi, a wine cellar, gymnasium and ample space on the upper deck for sun bathers and nature lovers. This area also comes with the added flexibilityof converting into a helipad. On the technical standpoint, it has a top speed of 16 knots, while it can cruise perfectly at 15 knots.

10. Vajoliroja

Charter Price: $ 143,763 per week


Johnny Depp’s VAJOLIROJA

Johnny Depp’s VAJOLIROJAThis 43.6 meter yacht is owned by Johnny Depp and was built by Proteksan Turquoise and launched in 2001.



Owned by famous Hollywood star Johnny Depp, this luxury yacht was built in 2001 by Proteksan Turquoise. The décor which is the main point of attraction for its luxury boat, has been built around the theme of gentlemen yachts of the 1930’s. The internal hosiery has been given the grand appeal through carefully selected fabrics, adding further to the grandeur of the internal ambience. Amenities aboard include comprehensive audio facilities for satellite television, play station, wireless internet, and telephony. Water bikes, snorkeling gear, and water boards for sea surfing are also there. The total guest capacity of this boat is 10, looking the space for the luxury suites, on this 156 ft yacht, which can cruise at a speed of 14 knots.

Johnny Depp’s Megayacht Vajoliroja

johnny depp yacht 1 Megayacht Vajoliroja: Johnny Depp’s Pride And Davy Jones’s Envy!

Johnny Depp , the king of seas, Captain Jack Sparrow who roamed the seas with an acute sense of seamanship in Pirates of The Caribbean series is in real life a big enthusiast of charting the seas, as is evident with the Hollywood icon’s luxury megayacht, Vajoliroja. This incredibly gorgeous boat is 156 feet in length and consists of a hull made entirely from aluminum. The breathtaking Vajoliroja was designed and developed in Turkey in the year 2001 and was later refitted for Johnny Depp in the year 2008.

The Vajoliroja is a delicate combination of modern comforts and old style class as well design. This incredible megayacht is known to have squared wood cabin, overhanging ends, smokestack and in an effort to give the boat a more classic look, it has been provided with a couple of masts as well. The Vajoliroja named after Depp’s family, where the initial letters represent the most important people in his life such as longtime girlfriend Vanessa, Johnny, daughter Lily Rose and son Jack is completely devoid of any luxury trademarks like other mega yachts. This one of a kind megayacht runs on two CAT engines and portrays the perfect blend of elegance, classy looks and modern technology.

vajoliroja yacht inside Megayacht Vajoliroja: Johnny Depp’s Pride And Davy Jones’s Envy!

The Vajoliroja is outfitted with some of the best equipment for control and navigation and with its ability to cruise even on oceans, this incredible boat can carry enough fuel for a round trip of 3,000 miles. The interiors of the boat boast of the best of luxury and comfort that money can buy.


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The Worlds First $1 Billion Yacht

It was only a matter of time. In November, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani welcomed guests into his new 27-story Mumbai home, thought to be the world’s most expensive private residence with a $1 billion price tag. Now, a UK yacht designer is giving the ultra-rich a chance to one-up Ambani by owning what is being described as the world’s first $1 billion yacht.

The 500-foot behemoth is called ‘Streets of Monaco’, and is actually modeled after the European principality, a haven for billionaires. On the top deck will be replicas of famous Monaco landmarks like the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse, and Loews Hotel, as well as a fully functional go-kart circuit based on the Monaco Grand Prix race track. Other extravagant bells and whistles include multiple swimming pools, a swim-in Jacuzzi bar, a multi-use court for tennis and basketball, a ‘dance hall’, a spa with a hair salon, and enough space to accommodate 16 guests and 70 staff. And don’t forget the submarine and helipad.

Artist’s impression of the interior ‘oasis’ area

There is, of course, no guarantee that ‘Streets of Monaco’ will ever make it into the water. First, a client with a big enough wallet needs to come forward. “This is just a concept at this point,” said Scott Poxon, director of Yacht Island Design, the firm behind the project. “That said, there is a notable amount of detail in place. It would need a commission in order to finalize design requirements of the client and to commence the construction.”

Poxon added that while various newspaper reports have estimated that ‘Streets of Monaco’ could cost £700 million ($1 billion), which would make it the most expensive yacht in the world, the firm has yet to discuss price. “We have not ever quoted any price as this would be agreed between the client and the selected ship yard and would vary significantly depending on specifications,” he said.

The owner’s apartments aboard ‘Streets of Monaco’.

If an ultra-rich client indeed commissions his or her own floating replica of Monaco, it may be the most expensive yacht on the water, but it won’t be the biggest. That honor goes to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s 557-foot ‘Eclipse’. For now, at least. As with Ambani’s Mumbai palace, billionaire homes and toys only get more extravagant each year.

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