Most Expensive Ipad in the world

The iPad had only been on the shelves of stores for a few months when Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International set out to create the world’s most expensive iPad. And, with the price of iPads already pretty high, just how much more expensive can it get? Well, imagine adding gold and diamonds to the gadget that’s already stuffed with pricey features and the price tag certainly skyrockets.

The most expensive iPad is called the iPad Supreme Gold Edition and just like the name suggests, it’s covered in gold. 22 karats of gold to be exact, totaling a weight of 2,100 grams just in gold alone. But don’t worry. The gold that has been lain over the tablet doesn’t cover that Apple logo that will tell everyone that you deserve only the most expensive technology there is. The Apple logo has been perfectly preserved and then some, with 53 flawless diamonds that total 25.5 carats. Each of these diamonds has been placed onto the gold top individually to form perhaps not only the most expensive Apple logo in the world, but the prettiest too!

And of course, Stuart Hughes wouldn’t go to all of this expense and luxury just to put it on a 16GB iPad. All of it covers the very most expensive iPad model you can buy, the 64GB, 3G model. The total cost for an iPad Supreme Gold Edition is $192,000. And if you have that kind of cash, not only will you be graced with the most expensive iPad in the world, but you’ll have a rare piece of technology too. This is because there have only been ten Supreme Gold editions made. 

And if you want a luxury iPad but don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on one, you can also opt for Stuart Hughes’ edition that includes the gold, but not the diamonds. One of these less luxurious yet still very fancy iPads costs only $3,242.

The iPad Supreme Gold Edition



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