11 Of The Most Expensive Pink Cars

Pink Cars

Pink CarsPink Cars of the rich

If you think pink is strictly for the ladies, you are here for a surprise! The car culture validates the love for pink autos especially with the rich and famous. Though the most dazzling pink cars are owned by the rich ladies including $400,000 pink Bentley owned by Paris Hilton and a $100,000 pink Range Rover owned by Katie Price, the list goes on with almost every luxury car on your list: Bugatti Veyron, Hummer, Mini Cooper limousine and more. So, feast your eyes!



1). Pink Range Rover



Pink Range Rover

Pink Range RoverPink Range Rover owned by Katie Price

Katie price “Lady in Pink” avtaar is once again in front of the world to gawk at. After recently being in news for her huge diamond engagement ring, the supermodel is back in news for her luxurious lifestyle, and latest addition to her fleet of pink vehicles with a $100,000 pink Range Rover. Katie already owns a pink VW Beetle, a candy pink scooter and a pink horsebox. The registration sign of Katie’s pink Range Rover also bears Katie’s initials and Argentinian Leandro’s nickname ‘KPII LEO’. The singer-cum-model is not the only celebrity who is known for her love for the color pink, Paris Hilton’s $400,000 pink Bentley is up next.


2). Diamond-studded pink Bentley



Pink Bentley

Pink BentleyPink Bentley owned by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton stunned everyone with her extravagance when she bought herself a pink Bentley customized to her taste. that if fitted with a diamond-encrusted dashboard. The Barbie-inspired ride is drenched in pink with pink upholstery, grille and hubcaps also in pink. She had it sprayed pink and has got her initials almost everywhere, on the blinged Bentley badge, rims and even on the seat. The ultra-luxurious Bentley is one of the most expensive Bentley with a price tag of $400,000.


3). Pink Fiat 500



Fiat Barbie Edition

Fiat Barbie EditionFiat Barbie Edition

Besides, we have also seen the pink Fiat 500 that was designed to commemorate the illustrious Barbie doll’s 50th anniversary. The Fiat 500 Barbie edition comes complete with crystal-encrusted hubcaps, window moldings and antenna.


4). Pink Hummer H3



Pink Hummer H3

Pink Hummer H3Pink Hummer H

The “luxury cars in pink” list also includes Hummer H3 Limo in gleaming baby pink. The pink hummer is one of the most popular limousines in the UK, and is known as the perfect limo for hen parties, school proms, children’s parties and even weddings.


5). Original Pink Panther car



Pink Panther Car

Pink Panther CarOriginal Pink Panther Car

And, who can forget the original Pink Panther car that went up for sale on eBayback in 2007. The mesmerizing looks are a result of Hollywood car specialist Jay Ohrberg, also known for the Batmobile. This iconic one of a kind pink vehicle was 23 ft long, 6 ft wide and powered by a 7-litre engine.


6). Pink Audi R8



Pink Audi

Pink Audipink audi

The list of pink vehicles also has a pink Audi spotted in Holland. The pink Audi sports light candy pink with darker pink blades.


7). ‘Warriors in Pink’ Mustang



Pink Mustang

Pink MustangPink Mustang

Ford motor company took its dedication and contributions for breast cancer education and research to a higher level with its ‘Warriors in Pink’ Mustang. The pink Mustang was specially designed exclusively in support of Susan G. Komen Foundation, in a limited edition of 1,000 units. The details includes a unique grille, pink Mustang rocker tape striping, charcoal leather seats and aluminum-spoke steering wheel with pink stitching, and charcoal floormats with pink ribbon and contrast stitching.


8). Blinged Lexus SC430 Shi-crystal



Blinged Lexus SC430 Shi-crystal

Blinged Lexus SC430 Shi-crystalBlinged Lexus SC430 Shi-crystal

“The Jewel of Lexus” tag with the SC430 Lexus sports car literally came true with the Shi-crystal-like vehicle designed by the Zheng Zhiren, festooned with more than more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals. Swarovski-studded version is decorated with crystal made roses and ribbon in pink. The crystals are everywhere on the car, on the front, back and the wheels. The Swarovski-studded Lexus SC430 reportedly costs $306,045.


9). Pink Bugatti Veyron



Pink Bugatti Veyron

Pink Bugatti VeyronPink Bugatti Veyron

Besides the above customized pink cars are known their pink silhouette, those were as much known for their luxury details. Then there are also cars like this pink Bugatti Veyron, which has been modified by custom car manufacturer, Japanese streetwear brand Bathing Ape to be known as an exclusive edition in the hi-end automobiles. This repainted Veyron is given a paint job to be in line with Bugatti’s two-tone rule, with the side panels in pink and purple, while the hood and rear panels are in solid Pepto pink.


10). Pink Mini Cooper


Pink Mini Cooper

Pink Mini CooperPink Mini Cooper

Just like the pink Hummer H3, the pink Mini Cooper limousine by coachbuilder, Lime Lite Coach Works features pink exteriors with black bench seating, with pink & white trim. The other luxury features include lighted disco floor, “Hide-a-bar”, stainless steel ceiling with starlight fiber optics, laser lights and built–in audio/video gadgetry. The luxury limo adorns a price tag of £94900.

11). Volkswagen Beetle Barbie

Volkswagen Beetle Barbie

Volkswagen Beetle BarbieVolkswagen Beetle Barbie

Volkswagen Beetle Barbie is decked-up in pink! The VW Beetle, is finished in a retina-searing hot pink paint job and is decorated with strategically-placed Barbie logos.


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