Johnny Depp’s Megayacht Vajoliroja

johnny depp yacht 1 Megayacht Vajoliroja: Johnny Depp’s Pride And Davy Jones’s Envy!

Johnny Depp , the king of seas, Captain Jack Sparrow who roamed the seas with an acute sense of seamanship in Pirates of The Caribbean series is in real life a big enthusiast of charting the seas, as is evident with the Hollywood icon’s luxury megayacht, Vajoliroja. This incredibly gorgeous boat is 156 feet in length and consists of a hull made entirely from aluminum. The breathtaking Vajoliroja was designed and developed in Turkey in the year 2001 and was later refitted for Johnny Depp in the year 2008.

The Vajoliroja is a delicate combination of modern comforts and old style class as well design. This incredible megayacht is known to have squared wood cabin, overhanging ends, smokestack and in an effort to give the boat a more classic look, it has been provided with a couple of masts as well. The Vajoliroja named after Depp’s family, where the initial letters represent the most important people in his life such as longtime girlfriend Vanessa, Johnny, daughter Lily Rose and son Jack is completely devoid of any luxury trademarks like other mega yachts. This one of a kind megayacht runs on two CAT engines and portrays the perfect blend of elegance, classy looks and modern technology.

vajoliroja yacht inside Megayacht Vajoliroja: Johnny Depp’s Pride And Davy Jones’s Envy!

The Vajoliroja is outfitted with some of the best equipment for control and navigation and with its ability to cruise even on oceans, this incredible boat can carry enough fuel for a round trip of 3,000 miles. The interiors of the boat boast of the best of luxury and comfort that money can buy.


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