4 Of The Most Expensive Travel Destinations

Everybody loves a holiday! Who doesn’t want to lay under a warm sun, with the gentle tide tickling your toes, whilst you sip on an ice cold cocktail?

If you have had a little financial windfall, or just want to treat yourself to that extra bit of luxury then why not consider vacationing to one of the most luxurious and expensive travel destinations in the world?

OK, so where shall we go first? Let’s start with……

Monte Carlo

If you like the lifestyle of the rich and the famous then Monte Carlo will be right up your street! A known tax haven, Monte Carlo is home to some of the richest business people in the world.

Full of expensive restaurants, hotels, and casinos, Monte Carlo is a playboys dream. It is also plays host to several high profile fashion festivals, and well as the world famous Monaco Grand Prix.

Although there are some cheaper hotel options in Monte Carlo, to enjoy the full experience you are going to need a sizable chunk of money. If stylish, and exciting is your bag then this is one destination you should really check out.


The French Alps

If you like skiing then the Alps is an absolute must. Like Monte Carlo it can be done a little cheaper if you hunt around, however there is a huge amount of luxury chalets and resorts who probably take the lions share of the tourists to the area.

A regular yearly haunt for the successful celebrity or business person, the French Alps is definitely one to go on your list of most expensive travel destinations.



In a recent survey France in general actually came out as the most expensive country to visit on holiday. Tourism is always thriving in France with world famous attractions such as The Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees being a big draw.

If you are going to visit the most expensive country in the world then why not do it in style, and enjoy one of the capitals beautiful and romantic 5 star luxury hotels.



Although fairly reasonable on price when you arrive, the cost of actually staying in and travelling to Dubai make this one of more expensive destinations to visit. Often seen as a playground for the rich, you will find some of the worlds most modern, plush and luxury places to stay in this exciting city.

Although the places we have looked at rank as some of the most expensive to visit, bear in mind that in tough economic times there are some amazing deals to be had. You may find a holiday to one of the special places is not as expensive to come by as you’d expect.


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